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Well Hellooo there web user and Welcome to our little corner of the interweb

I guess we could start off by bragging about how cool we are, how creative we are, how we ooze awesomeness – but we not gonna. Those are things you are just gonna have to discover for yourself.

Simply put we are two guys doing what we love doing and that’s putting a smile on our clients’ faces and feeling proud about what we have created. Nothing more rewarding then a “Job Well Done”. Bottom line
here is – we are a new company just starting out, small fish in a big sea and being just that we understand what it means for other companies to also be newbies. So our goal and objective is to turn newbies into champions by building brands for them that are creative, innovative and don’t require them to sell a kidney.

We build long term relationships with our clients and although SlickStudio is a new venture some of our clients have been with us for years. So what are you waiting for – nothing ventured nothing gained.

What we can Offer

  • Design

    The creative process – with a bit of research, some sheer out the box thinking and more often then not a dream from the night before we’ll come up with something that not only satisfies the functional but the aesthetic needs to your brief. Whether intended for print or for web makes no difference to us the same amount of enthusiasm and creativity will always be applied.

  • Printing

    From business cards to brochures to billboards, from banners to flags, expo stands & corporate gifts – We do it all. Being in the industry for over 10 years we have built solid relationships with suppliers and are constantly on the look out for new ones. So don’t be shy ask us and we’ll make it happen.

  • Direct E-Mailer Campaigns

    Now for those of you who can’t afford the costs of adverts in newspapers and magazines this is the route to go. An e-mail and online based mechanism for pushing new content, promoting products, services and events. Generating new and return traffic to your website. As well as monitoring your database and with our online campaign monitor system see who, when and where people are clicking through to your site enabling you to focus and target those audiences with content that is relevant and of interest to them.

  • Websites

    Ahhh the interweb, how it has grown. Let us be honest in todays age of technology regardless of what you do, no one is anyone unless you have a website. Let us assist you in this as part of your brand building endeavour to achieve an online presence that is not only modern, easy to use and looks awesome but makes full use of what the interweb has to offer.

  • Domains, Emails & Hosting

    More often then not without the right understanding registering of domains, setting up emails and deciding who to host with can be confusing. We will simplify that for you and make sure that this part of your brand is done quickly, easily and with all the assistance you could ever ask for.

  • Google Adwords

    “Everyone wants to be number 1.” Not always possible, Google runs a tight ship and there is no jumping the queue. But with some budget and our experience we’ll manage those for you and always make sure that your adword campaigns are up to date, relevant and with the best possible ratings. Don’t get all confused and in a twist if you don’t understand – step back let us do what we do best and help you.

Meet the boys

Sharl De Wet (AKA “Sharlie")

Loves new ideas like a fat kid loves cake. Always on the search for interesting concepts, layouts and imagery. With his out going friendly nature and an extra laugh or 2 in his pocket you can’t help but enjoy working with him.

Don’t be fooled though, he is to the point and sometimes tough love is handed out in teaspoonfuls – all in the name of doing things right.

His Motto: If you understand it from the start then the pretty just follows.

Sharl De Wet (AKA “Sharlie")Director / Designer
Jason Moolman (AKA “Jay”)

Collects code like a magpie with silver spoons. A bit on the quieter side at first but with an extremely wicked sense of humour. He finds pleasure in solving the problems the rest of us would not dare to.

Always on hand and always ready to go that extra mile in helping clients with technology that is just beyond us, nothing beats service with a smile.

His Motto: Don’t you worry I’ll make it work.

Jason Moolman (AKA “Jay”)Director / Web Developer

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